The Farmer and His Wife

A Girl is excitedly cast as "Farmer's Wife" and a Boy is begrudgingly cast as "Farmer" in the small 2nd grade class play. Girl falls in love for the first time with the Boy with blue eyes and brown freckles. Boy thinks about cats, and playing hot lava monster.


Braces, Emotions, and Hormones, Oh Boy!

Girl and Boy meet again, in the midst of raging hormones, Girl can't believe she ever liked Boy. Girl gets braces and runs for class president. Boy grows lots of inches and continues playing Hot Lava Monster. Hello Middle School!


The longest 4 years

Highschool Starts. Friendships grow. Boy and Girl are friends. Nothing juicy here.


Homecoming 101

Boy asks Girl to Homecoming. Girl says Yes. Girl screws up, Boy gets mad. We'll leave it at that.

Fall 2009

Life Goes On...

Girl dreams of warmer days and leaves for a 4 year stint to Arizona. Boy yearns for independence and moves out on his own.

Spring 2009

A Christmas (Miracle)?

Girl comes home and attends a friend's Christmas party. Boy attends same party. Boy asks Girl to another party on NYE. Girl declines.

December 2011

The A**hole Roommate

Boy gets a wild kitten, Schnapps, AKA The A**hole Roommate

December 2011

No Party like a NYE Party

Girl texts Boy, realizing that a party with old friends sounds more fun than sitting at home. Boy promptly responds. Party Time.

NYE 2011

The Kiss

Boy kisses Girl. Girl kisses back. Champagne Flies.

12:00AM 2012

That's Life

Girl and Boy spend every moment together until Girl leaves back for Arizona. As life happens, their communication fades...

January 2012

A Little Drunk on You, and high on Summertime.

Girl and Boy reconnect and spend summer days getting to know each other for what feels like the first time. Boy teaches girl how to love country music.

Summer 2012

The Ultimate LDR

Girl and Boy figure their sh*t out. And a Long Distance Relationship is formed. They survive on sending each other embarrassing kissy face selfies and a few thousand miles worth of planes rides.

Fall 2012


Girl finally graduates from U of A. Girl and Boy pretend to be grown ups, and move into their first apartment.

Summer 2013

When one becomes two.

Girl decides the A**hole roomate isn't enough. Convinces Boy another cat is a good idea. Welcome to the family Cookie.
{May she Rest In Peace, 2016}

Summer 2013

Learning life together

Boy and Girl spend their days enjoying kitty snuggles and each others company while they try to navigate their early 20's.

Winter 2013

Living Wild and Free

Girl teaches Boy that music festivals are life. Boy teaches Girl how to cook more than Mac n Cheese (from a box) and Baked Potatoes (from a plastic bag).


When Two Becomes Three.

Girl convinces Boy that having another cat is a good idea. Again. Welcome to the family Agnor.

Fall 2014

Adulting, Part II

Boy pursues new job interests. Girl graduates (again). Both move into a new house together, because 3 cats in 1 apartment. 'Nuff said.


Get Weird, Laugh Loud

Girl teaches Boy how to plan for the future, find passion, and love deeply. Boy teaches Girl how to slow down, get weird, smile often, and love even deeper.


Both realize, this thing between them, it WORKS.

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."


You Can't Ever Have Enough

More music festivals, more travel, more working, more loving, more laughing, MORE EVERYTHING - TOGETHER.


When Three becomes Four

... and more cats (yes, welcome to the family Tux!)

Summer 2016

The Impossible Plan

Boy plans to pull off possibly the only surprise he'll ever be able to hide from Girl.


When It Rains... it Pours

Girl and Boy attend Music Festival in Seattle. In true fashion, Girl gets upset because it's raining in Seattle (duh?!), and they have no rain jackets. 3 hours of shopping, and a bad mood ensues.

Labor Day 2016

An OTTERly Not Good Time

Boy realizes his ultimate plan of an OTTERly adorable proposal at the aquarium is likely quashed. But. Never fear. He has plan B.

Labor Day 2016

Plan B(eer)

Beer. Beer is plan B. Elysian here we come!

Labor Day 2016


Beers are enjoyed by both. Girl with her Pumpkin Porter, Boy with his Space Dust (predicatable). Moods continue to improve as they leisurely enjoy each other's company. Girl leaves for the bathroom. On her way back, Boy gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. Girl looks into the eyes of the Boy with blue eyes and brown freckles and realizes, that this is it, her entire life she's always had #AGUTmanFEELING, as she says YES, to the easiest question she's ever had to answer.

Labor Day 2016

The Party -

October 14, 2017

at 4:30pm

Please join us as we celebrate the closing of one chapter, and the start of forever!

Our ceremony and reception will be located at:

The McGinnity Room

116 W. Pacific Ave #100

Spokane, WA 99201

Get Directions

It was always

Travel -


(GEG) Spokane International Airport

The airport is located approximately 15 minutes from the heart of the city.

Book your flight

Uber, Taxis, and Rental Cars are available upon your arrival to the airport. Additionally Hotel RL provides a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport, as well as complimentary parking for hotel guests.


We have reserved a block of rooms at the beautifully renovated Hotel RL in downtown Spokane. Rooms are available for a discounted rate of $107 per night. All rooms must be booked by September 22 to qualify for the discounted rate.

Book Your Room Online

Or call 800-733-5466. Our group code is LESL1046 and the hotel name is Hotel RL in Spokane. Click here for more info.


Getting to Venue

If possible, we recommend taking an Uber, taxi or carpooling to the venue so that you don't need to worry about parking or driving home later. While there is parking, there is another wedding happening a block away that could make it more difficult to find parking close to the venue once the parking lot fills up.


There is limited free parking for wedding guests in a Diamond parking lot down the street from the venue. It's located under a giant billboard. Click here for directions. There is also paid metered parking until 7pm on streets surrounding the venue.


How do I get to the venue?

Please click here for directions to the venue.

What time should I arrive?

The wedding will begin promptly at 4:30pm. Our venue will open to guests at 4pm.

Where should I park? Will I have to pay for parking?

There is limited free parking for wedding guests in a Diamond parking lot down the street from the venue. It's located under a giant billboard. Click here for directions. There is also paid metered parking until 7pm on streets surrounding the venue.

What should I wear?

Our wedding is what you would consider an evening "formal" event and the perfect opportunity to sport that new outfit you've been DYING to wear. That being said, we want you to be comfortable and have fun! So, whether you are sporting a tux or slacks, sundress or cocktail dress, you do you! We are just happy to have you in our presence. (but please no jeans)

What kind of shoes should/shouldn't I wear?

See above for a more complete answer. But simply ask yourself this question... "Can I dance till 4am in these shoes?" If the answer is yes, then I think you've answered the question.

Are kids welcome?

Please reference your formal invitation for information on your guests. This is a family friendly event.

Can I bring a date?

Please reference your formal invitation for information on your guests. If you are still not sure, feel free to contact the Bride and Groom, we are friendly people.

Does your wedding have a theme?

If you consider "Celebrating love and dropping your booty on the dance floor" a theme, then yes, it has a theme.

Will transportation be provided between ceremony/reception and the hotel?

We will not be providing official transportation between the hotel and wedding. If you are staying at Hotel RL, it is about a 4 minute Uber ride and 20 minute walk.

Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Please let us know if you will need any additional accomodations during your visit.

Is there a hashtag?

Yes! Please use #AGutmanFeeling to record all the memories.

Will last names be changing after the wedding?

Yes! We will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Gutman.

I am coming from out of town. Where should I stay?

We have reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate for our guests. The rate ends September 22nd! Please see the "Travel" section above for information on our room blocks and other great hotels to stay at.

When is the RSVP deadline?

Please RSVP by September 23rd. You can use the online form abive - or mail back the postcard that came with your invitation.

What should/could I do between the ceremony and the reception?

Our ceremony and reception are taking place in the same room. There will be a cocktail hour happening after the ceremony as the room is tranformed for dinner. Lots of yummy cocktail drinks and appetizers will be available. So feel free to eat, drink, and enjoy the company of each other.

Will food be served?

YES. If you know the Bride at all, you should know the answer to this question. Food will most definitely be served. And it will be delicious. We promise!

What kind of food will be served?

We don't want to ruin ALL of the surprises, but we do want to let you know that we will be serving food "Cocktail" style. That means a lot of food, a lot of options, but as "bite-sized" finger food. We're confident you'll find something you enjoy.

What if I have a dietary restriction?

Please contact the Bride and Groom if you have any concerns about your dietary restrictions. We will have gluten free and vegetarian options available for our guests.

Will there be dancing?

YES. (but really, was it even a wedding if you didn't dance?!)

Will there be any activities happening that I need to know about?

Please contact the Bride or Groom if you have any questions about additional events happening.

What time will the reception end?

The reception officialy ends at 10:30pm.

Is there a gift registry?

Yes - click here or continue scrolling.

I have a question not answered here; how do I contact you?

You can email the Bride and Groom at